Our Purpose

To add fun and excitement to players’ lives through games of chance in a responsible way.

Our purpose guides us in everything we do. Games are fun and exciting by nature but we don’t think that’s enough. We aim to make everything else around them fun and exciting too. Whether it’s our website, promotions or even the way we interact with our customers it’s better to be fun and exciting or we change the way we do it.

As we operate in gambling business things can suddenly stop being fun and positively exciting for some people. For that reason we need to do everything in a responsible way. We provide our customers the tools needed for controlling their playing, we prevent what we can and we actively try to help and find new ways to help those who need it.

Our Values

Filling our purpose would not be possible without five strong values guiding us.

They are the code-of-conduct of Betspin and the principles we operate on a daily basis. They never change with time and are unaffected by competitors, markets changes or anything else. They guide us in relationships with each other, with business partners and with our customers.

1. We are givers, the somewhat rare breed of people who enhances the success of everyone around them by living by the givers code of honor: a) show up, b)work hard, c) be kind and d) take the high road.

2. Trust & Honesty are both crucial ingredients in any relationship. We will always do the right thing regardless of the cost to ourselves or how hard it may be. We always speak the truth.

3. Respect means that we all treat each other well and honor others’ rights and feelings. We are attentive and ready to learn from everyone at the company as well as from competition and customers.

4. Passion drives us all. It’s about really enjoying what we do. It comes from within everyone, it can’t be forced from outside.

5. We feel that it’s very important to constantly Keep evolving and try to find better ways to create fun and excitement for ourselves and our customers.